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Six Whole days of a makeup free face! Yippee!

No makeup for me! I’m not going to cover up any age spots, sunspots or dark under eye circles-not worrying about wrinkles, lines or an occasional zit! I’m on vacation; bare faced and carefree on the California coast! Of course I’m hiding all of the above with behind a fabulous pair of oversized sunglasses yielding only to my new coral pink lipstick and hot pink lip liner. Sooo California!

My husband and I are on a six-day road trip up the coast. But, to tell you the truth, we may not get further than Santa Barbara. It has always been one of our favorite spots and after staying for two nights we couldn’t leave our most cherished hotel in the area, The Upham Hotel, a beautiful charming and peaceful hotel that kept calling to us—Stay, Stay. So we decided to go no further and vegged out in this tranquil atmosphere of beauty and sunshine. I had plenty of down time to contemplate on all of your comments from the survey we sent to you weeks ago.

I’m so very happy that my staff and I decided to reach out to you directly with a significant discount on your favorite products instead of going through a research firm to do the study—after all, our inspiration comes from extraordinary women we meet everyday, so it is your opinion we value. Our number one priority is fulfilling all of your expectations to your concealing and camouflage needs. Here is my feedback to your questions.


We were asked:

Q. What are some new products I can look forward to?

A. MAKE IT STAY Makeup Spray will be here in a couple of months. This will be a spray to make the makeup last longer without smudging. This will best be used with the Killer Cover. We are working on a self-adjusting foundation like you’ve never seen before along with a basic Face Primer that really works!


Q. Any new colors in THE EVERYTHING PENCIL?

A. YES, Almond, just released. A perfect blend of light beige with a yellow undertone for all of you with a light to medium olive complexion. We are also releasing another color— Natural Tan, a deep beige for sunkissed complexion.


Q. Will there be more instructional videos?

A. YES, more videos on the way. There are more tip and tricks to share with you. In the meantime we do have quite a few on YouTube and don’t forget there are great before and after along with in depth application techniques in my book GOTCHA COVERED, The Compact Guide to Camouflage Makeup. You will learn how to Cover up and conceal just about anything! Good tried and true ideas and plenty of beautiful photos. CLICK HERE TO ORDER


Q. Do you offer samples?

A. ABSOLUTLEY! Just call or email and they will go right out to you for no charge. Call 1800/5284878 or info


Q Do you sell to retail outlets?

A. YUP…just CLICK HERE for a listing of our retail stores. Please note, we do not sell to department stores…we like being small and intimate. Be sure to call the store before you go to see if they carry the items you are interested in. Some carry THE EVERYTHING PENCIL only.


Still going through your survey comments and will answer more next week………. Stay tuned.

In the meantime the sun is out in glorious Santa Barbara and its time for a walk on the beach PLUS, a nap. I highly suggest the art and beauty of doing nothingness!!!

Here’s looking at you!


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