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I was an unsuspecting “Female” visiting the Ulta Cosmetic Store a few weeks ago looking for hairspray for my husband. Walking in, I was blinded by the lights and cameras, there were makeup artists…even hairdressers. The place was jammed with customers who were there for a “Smash Box” cosmetic promotion, all wanting the photographer. A delightful young woman approached me, asking if I would like to participate in the event. I was thrilled and feeling quite giddy at the opportunity to get in front of the camera again….with a new professionally designed makeup. I crave new ideas and love to have the latest palette painted on my canvas.

smash_box_2_5I guess I looked a bit…bewitched, bedraggled and bewildered…as I had just slipped in after a long walk with “Lola the wonder dog” wearing jogging clothes and no makeup. With a new book, “Gotcha Covered, The Compact Guide to Camouflage Makeup” coming put, I was thrilled at the opportunity for a new professional photograph. I said “Great I’d love to!” I ran home, and grabbed a couple of jackets from my closet and ran back. No one would possibly guess that it was only from the waist up. Jeans and sneakers stayed in place but again…who knew? No one would see those old rags…

The makeup artist asked me if I wanted a natural look. “What are you crazy?” I replied. “Pile it on! I intend to look twenty years younger and fabulous!” Once the latest and greatest in primer, camouflage cover up, founsmash_1_5dation, blush, eyeliner, color, mascara, mousse, hairspray, fresh spritz… I entered the photo booth.

Feeling like I was back in the 60’s I experienced the incredible déjà vu of being in front of a really great photographer…

I was instantly transported back into one of the fabulous NY photography studios of my past… this was not the legendary Richard Avendon himself, but the photographer from Smashbox was pretty darn close. Wonderful to work with and with a great eye for lighting.

Isn’t that the beauty of the beauty business…people helping people capture the beauty that lives within and bringing it to the surface? When we look good, we face the daily challenging business of living appearing fresh and confident; it’s one of our most powerful tools for success!

It’s nice that sometimes our lives spin in circles and the pleasures of the past can become pleasures of the present. Thanks Ulta and Smashbox…you reminded me of many many wonderful memories and that I “still got it” in front of a camera…I love the look, the pampering and just so you know, my husband secretly loves the hairspray…all in all…you made my day!

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