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It was my birthday last month and my darling friends took me for lunch and as we are all “living” in the second half of our century, we boo-hoo’ed all the hateful words associated with the word old…”Older, is a much better word than the word old”, I said, “There is a marked difference in intent and attitude.”

The Thesaurus describes the “O” word as, aged, mature, elderly, cantankerous, prehistoric, primeval, archaic, outdated, obsolete… all terms that have no relationship to the way I feel every day. I am still 36 in my mind, although certain parts of my anatomy don’t react in the same delightful way. (Who knew that peppers and sausage for breakfast would stricken off the list of food to eat?) Bottom line, while I refuse to be stuck in the world of “Old” I can handle the world of “older.”

Looking around me, my friends do their best to stay in shape; walking dogs, water aerobics, pilates, and still many of us have more doctors appointments than ever…does that mean we have to get Old? “Good Heaven’s NO!” My friend Barbara just ran a 5K marathon at 80-ish and wondered why she was so tired at the end of the run.

Remember when you were 5 and your 28 year old mother was “old” and God knows as a teenager, you could never imagine sex at 60. Getting older is all relative. Aging can affect us in incredible ways, the bad and the good; fortunately with today’s modern products and techniques, our bad habits don’t have to show.

Over time as I watched the changes on my own face. Through my business I am fortunate to work with chemists and colorists designing camouflage makeup that works for me and everyone else. I love creating wonderful products that give us a fresh, young appearance, covers age spots and dark circles; filling in wrinkles, allowing us to look amazing right through the elegant years:(Notice I didn’t use the “O” word?).

I would love to spearhead other phrases for getting older…any suggestions? Lets hear from you, who knows, perhaps a movement for the wiser, the graceful and the stylish’ will be put into place. I have a good friend that compares aging to the feline world. Babies are kittens, 20s are kitties, 30s are cats, 40s are cougars, 50’s-70’s lioness, 80’s the sphinx (The wise one who simply looks back upon history with candor and interest). We can also change the dynamics of the word by simply adding a few letters:

“Old becomes Gold with Untold tales of adventure and Bold stories of glory and wonder.”

Life is longer than ever…enjoy,live,love,hug and pass along wisdom. Be young in your mind. We still have a lot to do…there’s still time… Like I have always said…old is someone else! It’s just another “O” word!

Judith August is the author of “Gotcha Covered – The Compact Guide to Camouflage Makeup”. It’s the perfect at home manual for everyone who wants to cover and conceal cosmetic challenges. From simple annoying flaws to serious coverage, this colorful book is the educational “go to” for learning the art of camouflage makeup.

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