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Back in “the day” you could find at least five lipsticks, six eye shadows, several lip and eye pencils, mascara, eyelash curler, lip balms, brow color, brow wax, and more in my bag!

Today I can truly confess I don’t have tons of items I use on a daily basis I have simplified!!!

It may be a shock to some that since I’ve been in the cosmetic industry all my adult life and I’m considered a cosmetic guru, that this fact of simplifying is totally bizarre for one such as myself. I confess that I live with so few makeup products…except for concealers which I have many…the ones I create and the one’s I’m constantly researching.

It all started one morning, many years ago, when I was in San Francisco and realized I had left my makeup bag at home. Panic set in! I had a very important business meeting and needed to look my best. No excuses and makeup bag to be found!

I scrambled through my purse and laid out the four cosmetic items I had with me. The Everything Pencil™ in two colors (pure beige and cinnamon) ,mascara and one lipstick!

I had just created the Everything Pencil and thank goodness for that! I used it everywhere; as a concealer, (of course) and covered up all the spots, freckles and red veins on my face.

I used it as a highlighter under my brows and colored out the discolorization on my eyelids.

My lipstick became my blush, adding a touch of color on the “apple of my cheeks.” I also swiped a bit of same lipstick on the outer corner of my eyelids…it became an eye shadow. Pretty clever, yes?

Then I took The Everything Pencil in the color cinnamon and deepened the crease above my eyelid and then the same color as a lip liner and cheek contour…to tell you the truth I used it as a brow color too.

Mascara is always a blessing. Today Laura Merciers is my favorite because I love the brush that makes the lashes so natural looking and with its tiny tip it doubles as an eyeliner. I add little eyeliner dots in between my eyelashes, top and bottom to give a darker, more dramatic look. I must say I “cleaned up” pretty well.

Since that day I found out how creative I could be with simply four products, which I continue to do. I use one foundation (My Fabulous Finish which is simply fab!) And one lipstick that I found over the years is just the perfect color. A different lip liner can always change the look of the lipstick but the base color is always the same. Once you find perfection, stick with it. Clinique has wonderful lip liners and they really last.

However, if you asked me about my body care products that’s a different story. I’m a sucker for oils and fragrance, which I will share with you on my next post. It’s going to take up lots more space!

Hey! Are we fabulous??? You bet we are!

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