Spider Veins & Varicose Veins Coverage

For small imperfections on your face

You may want to use Killer Cover™-our five-part concealing compact on the veined areas:

  • Start with the color closest to your skin tone. Put a small amount on the back of your hand using the included spatula. Warm product gently with your fingers as you apply the first color to the problem area.
  • Layer a lighter or darker color if necessary-mixing it again on the back of your hand until you reach the correct color intensity. Ideally, cover up only the areas that need covering-blend into surrounding areas of your face so that there is no line of demarcation. Use a press and pat motion. Note: Killer Cover™ is heavier coverage. You may only want it on the affected areas.
  • To even out the skin tone, use Fabulous Finish™ 3-in-one foundation over the Killer Cover™ and the rest of your face to achieve a flawless finish without a heavily made-up look. Best applied with Judith August’s All-Over-Face Brush.
  • Remove with Judith August Killer Cleanser™.

For your legs

  • Apply The Everything Pencil™ first to cover small imperfections such as bruises, freckles or spider veins. Start with the color closest to your skin tone, then layer another color (lighter or darker as necessary)
  • For varicose veins and dark discolorations, use Killer Cover™. Start with the color closest to your skin tone-remove product with the enclosed spatula and apply to area on your leg. Warm the product with your fingers for easier spreading. Layer colors if necessary.
  • Remember, blue and black veins and bruises are best covered starting with a darker color, then lightening as you blend. If you start with a color too light, your leg will appear chalky.
  • Blend into the surrounding areas of the leg so there is no line of demarcation.
  • Apply Invisible Stockings™ all over for a stocking-clad look with my custom Leg Paint Brush for easy application and spread ability.

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