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10 /19/ 2010 by under: ,

I love coming up with ideas for new products and new ways to use cosmetics to make women feel more beautiful. But even more than that, I love hearing from the women who buy my products about /their/ ideas. No one knows better than you what you really want, so I recently conducted a survey of my customers to ask, “What is on your cosmetics wish list?”

I was delighted and a little overwhelmed by the responses! So many of you sent in your suggestions and quite a few of you had questions, too. So over the next several months, I will be sharing those ideas and answering your questions here in my blog. I hope you will join the discussion and use the comments section to keep sharing your thoughts with me. Check back often for updates or follow my blog posts and more at facebook.com/JudithAugustCosmetics

One interesting tidbit from the survey that surprised me: More than 20% of the people who responded have been using my products for less than a year. I am so glad to have all of you who are new to Judith August Cosmetics as part of the conversation!

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