Why was I chosen to be the one with impossible dark and red under-eyes!

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I’m running around in circles trying to cover up my very dark circles. Not only dark, but during allergy season, red irritation comes through and I’m a mess!

To make matters worse, my natural skin tone is very light and trying to find a concealer that addresses all of these issues is almost impossible!

Well this impossible dilemma became possible when I found Aqua Tint™ by Judith August Cosmetics. Hallelujah!

The product is light green, aqua, and is designed to be a neutralizer you can wear under your concealer of foundation.  It literally erases the intensity of the dark circle by providing a diffused color to build the rest of my makeup on.  It’s a brilliant concept for those of us with light skin who need extra help.

Green and yellow are the colors in the color spectrum that neutralize red.  However, with my milky white skin, if I used yellow, it would be simply, yellow…YUCK!  Green is a cooler color just like my light skin so it is perfect.

It is also very easy to use.  Once my moisturizer has had a minute to set, I kindly pat AquaTint from the bottom of the circle, right across the eyelid and lightly to under the brow.  I’m also very red around my nose and under my chin so I use it there as well.  Once in place, I wait another minute and then cover the green with my normal concealer allowing another minute before adding foundation, blush and lipstick.

Why wait a minute between steps?  Judith August reveals in her recent book, “Gotcha Covered – The Compact Guide To Camouflage Makeup”, that when you let any cream product set a minute before blending in, air hits the product, and the product itself coagulates and grabs onto the skin, therefore providing better coverage and staying power.  Who knew?

All these little tricks make me feel better and look better allowing me to face my day.  No worries!  Isn’t that what makeup is for?  I Love This Stuff!

Have Fun!

Susan Haller / Guest Blogger

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