Winter Skin Care Tips

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It was an exquisitely beautiful day in Las Vegas day and in a couple hours I was headed for New York. Before leaving for the airport, as I was walking my dog Lola, I wondered, “Why is it always a perfect day when we are headed for the coldest city on earth?”

Perfect weather days fill my soul with joy, but my life’s ritual is to travel to the east coast three or four times a year and I have had to figure out how to keep my skin healthy, hydrated and moisturized within the changing climates desert to stormy.

The following tried and true tips are out of my personal makeup bag of travel tricks for winter skin care tips:


The night before you travel, before you bathe, exfoliate your skin. Avoid products with strong ingredients; opting instead for natural moisturizing products such as oatmeal, which has anti inflammatory properties, or a sea-salt or my favorite sugar scrub for gentle skin smoothing.

If you must have your daily relaxing hot-soak in the tub, try to slightly reduce the temperature (very hot water dries out your skin) and use an almond oil, milk or Epsom salts to soften the water and help with aches and pains. Lavender oil is divine and will send you into a blissful rest. Afterword, your skin and your spirit will feel restored and rejuvenated.


Moisturizer is the key to maintaining soft supple skin throughout the winter. Use moisturizers that utilize the hydrating properties appropriate for your personal skin type. They should be applied within a minute from your shower or bathing in order to trap important water in the epidermis and reduce itching and dryness.

“African Oil” is my secret weapon which I buy at the drug store and is a combination of seven natural oils. I find this has become a miracle in dealing with the brutal cold winters of New York when my skin is dry and parched. Alone, or as a mix with other body lotion, it is simply great oil.

Three other words to remember: Sunscreen, always! (Yes, even in the winter). Water, inside and out to help eliminate dryness and prevent rashes and itchiness. Vitamins… take your Vitamins!

Cozy in and have fun with your friends… it’s winter!

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