Women Who Inspire: Camille Duskin, Gateway Arts Foundation

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Women, who inspire me, are the women who take the time to inspire others. Camille Duskin of Las Vegas, Gateway Arts Foundation is just such a person. Over the last few years, she combined mature performance artists together with youthful artists in a successful mentoring/scholarship program to develop the young master to greatness.

Gateway Arts Foundation scholarship recipients range from music to dance, spoken word to novelist and she recently won the Las Vegas Mayor’s award for Philanthropist of the year. While she is small in stature, she is big in humanity and drive. Every month she features magnificent artists, new works and shows of every variety. While the lineup of performers that want to work with her is growing by the day and hopeful scholarships nominees are starting to come in from across the nation; she believes that Las Vegas has enough talent and to consider anyone else is not necessary at this time.

Camille grew up in an environment where celebrities from across the globe, would gather around her family grand piano and spend the evening singing the songs of her uncle Harold Adamson, a huge talent that wrote for MGM Studios at the height of the “Hollywood Musical” era. Camille’s beloved mother “Hattie” was also a great supporter of the arts and when she died, her home in Vegas was turned into a performance house that holds small concerts to support Gateway. Many venues in town welcome Camille and her foundation as she has gained both the reputation and the audience to support her widely growing organization.

Fearless in her approach and love of both the artist and the many art forms that possess the stage; Camille is also tireless in her faith and knowledge that the arts are necessary for the positive growth of Las Vegas as a whole. She truly believes that funding artists is the only way to bring brilliance to the surface allowing them to shine.

Funny how life is a simple twist of fate, while Judith August Cosmetics covers minor flaws, Camille Duskin at Gateway Arts Foundation uncovers minor flaws and in essence, through self discovery, we both strive to build self esteem and create splendor. In the end, we find the beauty that lives amongst us and we give it to the world to enjoy…isn’t that what inspiration is all about?

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